1. Which currency is accepted in Germany?

Only Euros.

2. Do I have to carry a cash reserve with me?

We advise our guests to always carry a cash reserve (Euro) with them. In Germany, paying by credit card is often, but not always possible. For example, in the campus restaurants, you can only pay cash; often, the same is true in taxis or in retail stores.

If you want to buy a voucher for the campus restaurant at the Jurix 2022 registration desk, we also accept only cash.

3. How can I register for a specific workshop?

You can either buy a ticket for the full workshop day, that is 14th December 2022, or for the whole of the conference including the workshop day (14th-16th December 2022). After purchase of any such ticket, you may freely decide which workshop to take part in and you can also change between the workshops at any time during the day. This rule applies to tickets for participation on site as much as online.

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5. How do I make my way to the conference dinner on Thursday, December 15?

The dinner will take place in the “Ratskeller” restaurant which is located in the city centre of Saarbrücken. You can find it on Google Maps using this link or by navigating to “Rathausplatz 1, 66111 Saarbrücken”.

If you travel by public transport, please take one of the following bus lines departing from the University (stop “campus”):

  • Bus line 101 (direction “Füllengarten Siedlung”): leave bus at “Johanneskirche”
  • Bus line 102 (direction “Altenkessel Talstraße”): leave bus at “Johanneskirche”
  • Bus line 109 (direction “Habsterdick”): leave bus at “Johanneskirche”
  • Bus line 111 (direction “Rabbiner Rülf Platz”): leave bus at “Johanneskirche”
  • Bus line 150 (direction: “Saarbrücken Rathaus”): leave bus at “Rathaus”
Footpath from bus stop "Johanniskirche" to the conference dinner location "Ratskeller"
Footpath from bus stop “Johanniskirche” to the conference dinner location “Ratskeller”

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