AMPM 2022 — 2nd Workshop in Agent-based Modeling & Policy-Making

14 Dec 2022
Staerterzentrum; A1.1, room 1.02

AMPM 2022 — 2nd Workshop in Agent-based Modeling & Policy-Making

Marked by an often naively mechanistic vision of reality, conventional approaches to policy and norm modelling are incapable to capture the complex entanglement between technological, economic, social, and political systems. The AMPM workshop is envisioned to be complementary to the traditional scope of computational social science, complex system research, and agent-based modeling, focusing on three main tracks:

  • models/theories going beyond policies, targeting normative and cognitive phenomena;
  • empirical methods, associated with the practice of ABM in policy and norm-making contexts;
  • better, dedicated tooling, such as computational methods, languages, and interfaces.

The workshop creates space for the ABM call for a “computation-enhanced regulatory empiricism”, exploiting computation to investigate factual underpinnings of the legal phenomenon, like the intricate networks of cognitive, social, technological, and legal mechanisms through which law emerges, is applied, and exerts its effects.